Sunday, October 26, 2014

Chris Christie you lost my vote

Shit product that's why. Bought in 2008 loved it...bought in 2012...scratches, short pieces, crap service....will never deal with them again.
It's pretty simple actually

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Arguments over "bigger next silicon valley" New York or Boston

After Wayfair’s successful IPO which valued the the Massachusetts-based company north of $3 billion, Fortune’s Dan Primack wrote a love letter to New York City calling out its technology success – or lack thereof. Primack wrote:
“When it comes to technology success, would you mind waiting a bit longer before adopting the mantle of “next Silicon Valley” or “Silicon Valley of the East?”…At this moment, New York is not the next Silicon Valley. It’s not even the next Seattle.”
Of course, Primack’s post elicited responses. Via Twitter, Shai Goldman of Silicon Valley Bank made a fair comment pointing out that NY’s tech scene is still relatively nascent so it’s hard to judge it yet especially versus Massachusetts with its longer history

The craziest part of this many people know these NY exits apart from Tumblr (and even then asks your spouses and you'll probably draw blank stares.....).

Friday, October 10, 2014


Want to know how HuffPo etc always know whats going on around the internet and are quick to "rip off" any new news content or viral stories that are hot on the internet.....theres an app for that.

Check out Spike

Basically Spike is searching for the most shared news items and as soon as an article takes off and shows "share-ability" has an app to capture the details and provides HuffPo etc links to the story that can be cannibalized and ripped off for their benefit.

Who needs journo's huh.