Saturday, November 22, 2014

QR codes are going to be replaced with magical beams of lights

....or maybe clickbait authors are going to grow a bet is on evolution.

The dumbness of this article and the technology its reporting about is only surpassed by the dumbness of this article/author not calling out this BS technology.

1/ yep lets get rid of a small QR code by carrying around a magical light....which then still needs the handset to take the photo.
2/ Yep QR codes are ugly because they are seen....yeh duh...same as door need to see them in order to know HOW to identify the door.
Basically the fujitsu item is using image recognition (albeit with magical blue/red/green lights....and not in the way the author of this article thinks it works), so riddle me this batman how are you supposed to recognize what items are in the database...and what items aren't and no matter how many times you shine your magical wont recognize if its a can of coke or a Ferrari?
3/ Yep QR codes are continually getting authors writing about how to replace them.....but these authors never stop to think if they should be writing the clickbait article in the first place......

Dean Collins
Currently, if you want to know more about an item displayed in front of you, one of the most common methods of doing so involves scanning its QR code ... if it has one. The problem with those codes, along with things like RFID and NFC tags, is that they detract from the appearance of the item. Fujitsu Laboratories, however, has developed an alternative system. It uses the light shining on the object to convey data.
The system incorporates existing RGB LED lights, which are able to emit red, green or blue light (or any mixture thereof) from a single bulb.