Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Stripe Atlas - start of something big?

Start of something big for Stripe?

(btw if anyone knows someone over at stripe….the request form fails to load properly in IE11 <insert snide remarks here> but please lets not divert the conversation about browsers here and concentrate on what this means for companies looking to incorporate).

This being said....if you are an "online only" company then why incorporate in Delaware?
Why isn't Stripe allowing you to incorporate in Lithuania, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Singapore?

With digital transactions why locate in the USA at all?

Delaware makes sense if you are going to be raising funding......but otherwise.....what advantages do I get?

Great to see them branching out of the "transaction" space though. Could easily deliver Stripe higher profits (not revenue) than their original business.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

AirBNB or Uber not invented here

Last time i checked neither AirBNB or Uber were invented, funded, or has their headquarters IN Australia so why wouldnt they be sending profits and a percentage of sales back home (or 'offshore' in this case).

I think its time for Australian politicians to realise if you want to develop a tax base then develop and grow startups from scratch and the first place to start is to install a real and working NBN and have faster mobile communications.
Oh and for people complaining that "corporates dont pay fair tax" you know that the solution to that is implementing a 15% gst but NoooOOOooooo that might actually cost you some money from your pocket so you wont vote for that will you.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Network level ad blocking

Simple should block mobile traffic from the Three mobile network and redirect users to an explanation on why they should change mobile operators.

Three is poised to become the first major European mobile operator to block online advertising on its network, signalling a clash with digital publishers and advertising companies.

It is understood that Three, which runs operators in half a dozen European countries including the UK, will next week announce a deal with Shine, a controversial Israeli technology company that specialises in blocking mobile advertising.

Shine’s investors include Li Ka-shing, the Hong Kong billionaire behind CK Hutchison, the owner of Three.