Monday, February 27, 2017

p2p lending

I've mentioned him in the past but Jim Dahle is a blogger who I’ve been following for a few years on his blog The White Coat Investor for doctors and how to invest their personal income and the nuances that come from their career.

Anyway he’s posted a topic today that I think some of you might be interested in on p2p lending


Its worth a read but in summary he’s liquidating his assets primarily due to diminishing returns….(12%+ in the past to sub 9’s now) but also due to the issues in managing the asset class.

Hopes it worth your time to read and interested in your thoughts.


Friday, February 17, 2017

WeChat Paywall

WeChat trying to monetise with content paywalls......has Beanz finally grown up?

Good to see they are offering monthly/annual automatic renewals, having been a subscriber to a few different Patreon content providers for the last year.....I have hope this actually takes off.( I suggest you check out Amanda Palmer as a "best practice" example).

Does anyone have any idea on the minimum payment amount?

The failure of all these micropayment systems previously seemed to be “transaction cost” versus the “content micropayment amount” eg 5c transaction for 1c for content though this is easier on WeChat because its a stored wallet transaction.

It will be interesting to see adoption rates. If you come across details please post updates as they come available.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

A challenge to Australian techies

I was HORRIFIED with what Bill Morrow said on ABC Brisbane yesterday and cannot understand why the Australian government refuses to acknowledge the economic benefits of a faster NBN and the efficiencies gained in each and every instance of industry, basically making EVERY AUSTRALIAN MORE VALUABLE AND EFFICIENT.


Bill Morrow's claim that this is a "loss leader" and "Of No Economic Benefits" was shameful and goes in the face of any rational economic modeling.

After listening to this video its obvious you need to change the party in power because Bill Morrow yesterday was saying he was delivering "as directed" at the lowest cost.

So i challenge Australian techies to either putup or shutup and quit your whinging. Work towards firing the current government in power and get a government in place who wants an effective NBN or suffer the consequences to your lives and businesses from falling behind the rest of the world.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

E3 visa information (for Australians only)

For my tech friends in Australia looking for engineering roles in the USA (and finding problems with USA based HR staff) you might want to check this infographic out.
Happy to answer any questions but the comparison on the 2nd infographic between E3 and H1b visa covers most of it.