Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Google translate 'base corpus'

Was reading this reddit post - https://www.reddit.com/r/pics/comments/6wqrgx/roy_hawthorne_usmc_former_navajo_code_talker_roy/

hmmm I didn't know that and wondered how it was done.

Google translate works by scanning the UN archive for partial matches of whatever it is you are trying to translate. when they do a speech or write a report everything anyone says gets translated into every language.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

FW: A message from Senator Charles E. Schumer

I sent an email to Chuck Schumer to find out what he was going to do about the undermining of the FCC.... SFA was his answer......thought this would be of interest to some of you……read response below.

In other words….i’m just a senator…..

Sad news my fellow citizens…..


Dean Collins


From: Senator Schumer [mailto:senator@schumer.senate.gov]
Sent: Monday, August 21, 2017 3:51 PM
To: Dean Collins
Subject: A message from Senator Charles E. Schumer


Dear Mr. Collins:
     Thank you for contacting me to express your support for the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) 2015 Open Internet Order. I share your belief in the need for strong net neutrality.
     The new FCC chairman, Ajit Pai, recently announced the Trump administration’s plan to dismantle the Obama-era FCC rules that required Internet service providers like AT&T and Comcast to treat all internet traffic fairly. This would unravel net neutrality and the FCC is moving in the wrong direction. It will neither invigorate our economy nor spark innovation. Instead, it will limit choices for consumers and greatly increase costs for American start-ups. Keeping the internet open is critical to twenty-first century freedom and innovation, for both businesses and individuals alike.
     In 2014, I joined my Senate colleagues in writing a letter to then-FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler urging him to adopt strong net neutrality. I will continue to press the Trump administration to support a free and open internet and maintain critical consumer protections.
     I believe the federal government can help ensure that all American households have reliable internet access at a reasonable cost, and will continue to fight for protection of net neutrality.
     Again, thank you for contacting me.  Please keep in touch with your thoughts and opinions.
Charles E. Schumer
United States Senator

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Roger Mcnamee's USA today opinion piece

Im NowWatching CNBC interviewing Roger Mcnamee.

Claiming that SM is a drug and dangerous for society/children....you have to ask the question hasn't entertainment always been this way eg TV was an opiate to placate, and even before that 'talky movies' was a form of escapism that enabled a brief drug hit......

Aren't we all just rats in a cage?

- https://www.usatoday.com/story/opinion/2017/08/08/my-google-and-facebook-investments-made-fortune-but-now-they-menace/543755001