Monday, September 24, 2018

Siri being used for Salesforce

Really interesting “branding move” by Apple to “license out” SIRI to Salesforce

I think its probably going to be allowing Apple to “offset sunk costs” on SIRI development that can be spread out over other customers in completion with Amazon Alexa eg will we see a Samsung “SIRI enabled Microwave” next week?

Irony is NLVR as a technology has been available for years to perform the exact function they are already describing (even available as a service platform - eg. check out a 10 year old project I was putting together years ago around 2005 - )

Friday, September 14, 2018

SiliconDust - YACC

Ready this months edition of Multi-Channel and came across this article


SiliconDust Steps Into Skinny-Bundle Fray

Pleasanton, Calif.-based, privately held technology company SiliconDust, maker of the HDHomeRun line of networked over-the-air tuners and DVRs, quietly rolled out its own virtual pay TV service, offering 45 channels for $35 a month.

In other words......YACC (Yet Another Cable Company).

Basically $35 a month means I may as well subscribe to a cable company and you aren't even offering me enough variance/content in order to differentiate yourself.

Its perplexing why these lemmings want to become YACC's.


Saturday, September 8, 2018

Jurassic Kingdom Augmented Realtiy

Nice marketing video, haven't seen it in person yet, not sure it does much based on the video (eg jumping on table...hmmm ok).

Considering the Topps baseball cards were from 2009.....want MOAR.

The augmented reality experience is simple: you open the Facebook or Messenger mobile app, scan a QR code-style pattern, and tap the screen to place a dinosaur in your real-life surroundings. You can see a hostile Indoraptor by scanning codes in various chains of retail and grocery stores. (There are apparently 17,000 total locations in the US.) And if you buy a copy of Fallen Kingdom, you get a card with the code included in the package. This will let you see the friendly velociraptor Blue.