Sunday, June 19, 2016

Guvera IPO blocked....opportunity in disguise?

Whilst I have publicly rubbished the Guvera listing previously, very disappointed that the ASX has chosen to block this listing when there are other far dodgier listings passed.

This said.....I agree with calls that the ASX should setup a "nasdaq" for Australian tech startups (possibly with some maximum dollar amount raise limits and shareholder number limits"), there is demand for yield exposure with investors happily looking for higher risk (the biggest crooks out there at the moment are the governments with their artificially low interest rates on investments.......want to start banning investments....start with USA T-Bills).

Will the ASX use this as an opportunity to evolve....probably not.

Will someone in Australia set up a competing exchange with the associated fees and government approvals required.....I can only hope and fully expect they would drink the ASX's milkshake before they even realize the missed opportunity.

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