Monday, April 2, 2012

Free can only last so long

I noticed that the Orlando Sentinel paper is moving to an e-subscription model for their online content.,0,4485751.htmlstory

I personally think this is a great move.

Keep in mind if you dont live in orlando they arent trying to target you as a subscriber, they are trying to deliver local news that is relevant and valuable to people residing in Orlando.

Free can only last so long.

Let me know how you get on tell your waiter at the lunch restaurant that you really want the food to be free/or pay your mortgage with "free".

The point being is this news IS valuable to someone and a transaction where both parties get something of value can be made here, just publishing worthless pages to people who dont value it doesnt help the OS business model.

We've had a great run of ad sponsored content but this can only last so long, its time to move on where people pay for value.

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