Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Bitcoin ATM's

What are your thoughts on bitcoin atm’s…..how many countries are really going to allow anonymous purchases before they crack down?

Is there really enough money in the “exchange transactional fees” to make this work in enough friendly locations?

I keep wondering if I’m standing on the sidelines of the great monetary change of our time…..or watching the start of the Dutch Tulip mania.


Hey BitAngels,
Robocoin had a pretty nice week:

  1. We kept our promise: We launched, on time, Tuesday 10/29 to an amazing response.
  2. The press is fond of us: WiredTimeHuffington PostNasdaqForbesMashableReutersGizmodoTechCrunchVenturebeatThe Daily BeastRussian Times and Business Insider among others. BBC and CCTV are coming soon.
  3. Our operators are happy: Week 1 - Vancouver Robocoin saw >$81,000 in transaction volume. 
  4. Entrepreneurs who want to become Robocoin Operators: >205 inquiries since we announced on 10/27
  5. Bitcoin likes us: Since our announcement on 10/27 -> today, bitcoin is up from $180 -> $230. Correlation? We think yes!

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