Saturday, December 14, 2013

Aereo - I still dont get what the big deal is.
Cablevision wants it known that it's no fan of Aereo, the online video company that streams over-the-air TV shows to paying subscribers' iPhones, iPads and other devices.
This week, Cablevision released a 43-page white paper in which it condemns Aereo for transmitting TV programs without a license. The cable giant essentially argues that Aereo is acting like a cable company and therefore should have to pay the same retransmission fees as cable companies.

I'm still yet to get why its a big deal, Aereo is only able to display "broadcast FTA content"......the same content anyone can get for free with a pair of bunny ears.

Its not like they will ever be able to deliver the cableco content for free.....and you have economies of scale.

If someone wants to pay $8 a month to watch my content and my commercials then all power to you.

As for TimeWarner/Cablevision etc being upset that they pay to deliver this same content because they are a cableco.....yep but if you replicated Aereo's platform then you could have the same zero bill retransmission fee.......but it will be more costly than using your "single wire" system so I wouldn't.

This is like someone inventing the propeller plane and then getting upset when Jumbo's came about....don't.....use this to push down your own transmission fees you are paying to broadcasters - heck they display enough should be getting it for free..

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