Friday, March 31, 2017

Basic Attention Token

Cant work out if I want to throw time and money at BAT or run away screaming as the path to "content micropayment monetization" is littered with good intentions and BAT may just be another BEANZ (lol someone somewhere has to have been keeping a running tally on investment burnt up with  FirstVirtual, Cybercoin, Millicent, Digicash, Internet Dollar, Pay2See, Blendle etc etc)

Having said that.....some serious money behind Basic Attention Token (and potentially wiping out Google AND Chrome AND AdExchangers) means has to be taken seriously.

Its funny....if I was responsible for monetization at BAT....I'd cozy up to China and suggest a law that says ALL WEB CONTENT must be viewed using this browser.....would be an instant distributed ledger for all web traffic as well as monetizing content providers, but hey that's just me.

Checkout -  for more I guess.


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